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How do I become an AutoWeb Dealer?Arrow
You can easily estimate how many purchase requests are within a specific distance to your dealership by simply completing our On-Demand Lead Estimate. You can locate a sales representative in your area by clicking the following link: Contact
Can I buy Purchase Requests outside of my DMA?Arrow
Yes, your AutoWeb Sales Representative will be with you every step of the way as you customize your territory by ZIP Code or radius, whichever you prefer. You can locate a sales representative in your area by clicking the following link: Contact
Once I become an AutoWeb Dealer how can I see my purchase requests?Arrow
AutoWeb makes viewing the details of your account readily accessible and easy to use. Through a secured Dealer Extranet portal, you can view your account details, view your purchase requests for up to 6 months, make changes to your settings and use our easy to navigate bulk lead return system.
What is the additional cost for the Dealer Extranet?Arrow
There is no cost to access or use our secured Dealer Extranet.
How can I sign up for additional products and services?Arrow
AutoWeb’s Sales and Service Department can help you find the additional products and services to suit your dealership needs. Start by contacting us at (866) 606-8737.
Where can I locate the terms and conditions of my agreement?Arrow
Our Standard Terms and Conditions are easily accessible by clicking on the following link: Standard Terms and Conditions for Dealer Agreements
What meets the standards of an invalid purchase request?Arrow
While AutoWeb has a first class Quality Verification System, there may be instances in which a purchase request is invalid. A duplicate lead within the last 30 days, an underage minor, a bad phone number and email address, or a consumer that is not in the market are all acceptable reasons to return a purchase request.
How long do I have to return an invalid purchase request?Arrow
You can return a purchase request at any time within the month that it was submitted and up to two days of the subsequent month.
How do I submit a request to process an invalid purchase request?Arrow
AutoWeb makes the purchase request return process quick and efficient. Simply log on to our secure Dealer Extranet, choose the purchase request and click the reason for return. You can even add additional notes to your returned purchase request. Your request will be quickly reviewed and the approval will be updated in the Dealer Extranet.
Where can I see my bill?Arrow
Your bill will be mailed to you promptly following the close of the month. You can also request your invoice be emailed to you.
How soon after the purchase request is made will I receive it in my CRM?Arrow
We pioneered the real time lead form. Requests will be forwarded to you almost instantly after they are submitted.

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