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Car Sales Performance Reporting™

Optimize your sales process with vehicle sales analytics and data.

Knowledge Is Power

The connection between your AutoWeb Leads and vehicle purchases is made possible with a monthly independent analysis from IHS Automotive driven by Polk and with sales information tracked in your dealer management system.

What You Get

With AutoWeb Car Sales Performance Reporting™, you get key insights to help you optimize your sales processes and increase your sales. Insights include:


Total Vehicles Purchased from your AutoWeb Leads

With our online car sales reporting tool, we show you exactly how many leads sent to your dealership resulted in a vehicle purchase, 30, 60, and 90 days after the lead inquiry was submitted. Find out exactly how well your AutoWeb leads perform and how you can increase your ROI by capturing more of these vehicle sales at your dealership.

Car Sales lost to another dealer or private party

Find out if the vehicle was purchased at your dealership or if it was a lost sale. We include the name of the competitive dealerships1 to which sales were lost, so that you can improve your processes and prevent future sales from occurring outside of your dealership.

Vehicles purchased

Find out what make, model and year vehicle was ultimately purchased, so you understand buyer behavior.


Car Sales Analytics

Receive key data about how well each ZIP Code, lead source-type, and model is performing so you can make intelligent, fact-based decisions about your lead mix and market territory.

1. Where available and within state laws

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