Fraud Awareness

Internet fraud is a growing problem and websites such as are not immune to such problems. We have received reports that Internet scam artists are illegally using AutoWeb’s name, logo and other proprietary property in connection with the operation of fraudulent websites claiming to provide automotive escrow services offered by AutoWeb. This scam involves the purported sale of vehicles that the perpetrators of the scam do not own or have the rights to sell and that are listed for sale on third party websites not affiliated with AutoWeb. Among other things, the scammers claim that AutoWeb will escrow money for the purchase of a vehicle and deliver the vehicle to the purchaser.

AutoWeb does not provide any vehicle escrow, warehousing or shipping or delivery services, and any website or seller of vehicles claiming that AutoWeb offers such services is fraudulent.

Because there is no foolproof way to prevent fraud, awareness is the best defense. Please exercise a great deal of caution and common sense in all transactions involving the sale of vehicles over the internet where you have not personally inspected the vehicle, met the seller and confirmed the seller’s ownership of and right to sell the vehicle. If any purported vehicle seller suggests using an escrow service operated by or affiliated with AutoWeb or directs the buyer to any website offering escrow services provided by AutoWeb or any person or entity affiliated with AutoWeb or that displays our name or logos or otherwise implies that the services are offered by AutoWeb, do NOT send any money to that service. Please help stop this fraud by promptly reporting such communications to us and to law enforcement by taking the following steps:

The following resources provide information and tips about Internet fraud and how to avoid becoming a victim of such fraud.

Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC)

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

California Department of Business Oversight