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Lead Call™ – Car Dealer Appointment Setting Service

We turn your leads into appointments, so you can turn appointments into sales.

What if...

you had an extra salesperson who called customers to set appointments?

What if...

on every call that salesperson scored the customer's readiness to buy?

What if...

you had that extra salesperson without the headache of managing the salesperson, for less than you spend on balloons?

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From high-quality website traffic, award winning car leads, and data-driven audience retargeting to a laser focus on technology and expanding product lines, we help our industry partners grow their customer base, close more deals, and sell more cars.

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What does Autoweb Lead Call™ include?

Live calls to your leads within hours of submission via our Automotive Call Center.

Car Dealer Sales Appointment Setting, with Customer "VIP" experience.

Lead Scoring – "Hot or Basic" – depending on the customer's readiness to buy.

Customer information assessment so you understand what the customer needs.

Detailed customer contact information for multiple contact options.

Dedicated, highly trained automotive customer specialists.

What are the benefits of Autoweb Lead Call™?

Adds the power of an extra salesperson without the labor cost or management worries.

Moves customers offline and into the dealership for sales appointments.

Allows you to focus on building relationships and selling to customer.

Creates new opportunities for you to communicate with customers who might otherwise fall through the cracks via our car dealer sales appointment setting service.

Provides you with critical information regarding customer status in the buying cycle.

Who is making the calls?

US-based, exclusively-automotive call center team.

Customer specialists trained to interact with and understand dealership customers.

How will I know that AutoWeb Lead Call™ is working?

You will receive monthly summary reports.

You will be able to measure increases in contact rates and car sales appointments.

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