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Autobytel Dealer Spotlight: Sandra Dellolio, Atlantic Auto Group
Autobytel Dealer Spotlight: Sandra Dellolio, Atlantic Auto Group

Autobytel recently interviewed Sandra Dellolio on the success of their internet automotive business with Autobytel. Find out tips from Sandra on how their automotive group successfully utilizes leads and turns them into sales.

Q: What is your name and title?
A: Sandra Dellolio, Business Development Manager for Advantage Toyota & Scion

Q: Can you comment on your experience with Autobytel?
A: I have had a great experience for the past two years with Autobytel - we have a high close rate with Autobytel's automotive internet leads. We average 10-12 deals per month, our profit after expenses just last month was over $18,000.

Q: How does Autobytel and Autobytel's new and used car leads help you with your online strategy?
A: We find these customers are usually more interested than most customers. Furthermore, Autobytel sends us incremental customers, allowing us to conquest from competitors.

Q: What differentiates Autobytel from your other automotive lead providers?
A: We currently don't use any other company to provide us with automotive leads because we get what we need from Autobytel; fresh, pure leads that close. We appreciate the fact that with Autobytel we have the ability to control our lead mix broken down by zip code which allows us to go to market with a strategy vs. having to simply take leads for all models from a radius

Q: Can you take us through the process you conduct for your internet leads?
A: An automotive internet lead comes in and the customer will get an auto response, and then will get a personalized first email with questions on the car chosen, a starting price of a base car and some of the benefits of the dealership. A staff member will then call the customer. The customer will be called up to three times the first day. The customer will receive calls and emails for first seven days on a regular basis. This process slows after that but continues for 120 days.

Q: What do you think are most important steps a dealer has to take to be successful with an internet strategy?
A: To have a process and stick to the process. If you do not follow up with these customers they will buy elsewhere.

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