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Dealer Showcase:  Average Total Sales Grow 75%, Internet Sales Nearly 530% With AutoWeb and Dealer Synergy Dealer Showcase: Average Total Sales Grow 75%, Internet Sales Nearly 530% With AutoWeb and Dealer Synergy

Today's automotive industry is more volatile than ever. In order for dealerships to stay alive and thrive in these challenging times, they require high-volume, high-quality customer engagement opportunities coupled with a fully optimized process.

This showcase reveals that when dealerships focus on integrating quality leads with an exceptional process, they can achieve incredible sales growth - quickly and easily.

The Platinum Group

An Actionable Lesson in Sales Success

The Platinum Group consists of a franchise Mitsubishi store in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and two independent stores in Carlisle and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Historically, Platinum averaged a total of 180-200 sales per month and 25 Internet sales per month across all three stores.

Jason Koons, Internet Director, joined Platinum in June 2020 and immediately collaborated with Platinum's owner, Mike Dorazio, to develop new sales targets, acquire AutoWeb leads, and add and train six staff members to manage the lead volume required to achieve the company's new sales targets.

Mr. Koons implemented Bradley on Demand, an in-depth training program consisting of over 6,000 education modules that was developed by Dealer Synergy's CEO, Sean V. Bradley. Mr. Koons also worked closely with both AutoWeb and Dealer Synergy to strategize ideal lead radius, model-specific lead volume, and process recommendations based on vehicle inventory, modified sales targets, and his team's experience.

The results are staggering.

  • At the end of July 2020, Platinum's monthly Internet sales grew from its historical average of 25 units to 135 units, an increase of 440%. Total sales across all three Platinum stores in July grew from an average of 200 units per month to 334 units, an increase of 67%.
  • In August 2020, Platinum again sold 310 units across all three stores with Internet sales representing 130 of total unit sales.
  • In September 2020, Platinum's Internet sales department sold 150 units, with total group sales up 75% to 350 units.
  • In October 2020, Platinum's Internet department sold 157 units - an increase of 528% over its historical Internet sales average - and in November 2020, its Internet department sold 136 units.

Using this integrated opportunities-plus-process strategy, Platinum increased total group sales 75% and Internet sales an incredible 528% in sixteen short weeks. Both Mr. Koons and Mr. Dorazio continue to commit additional time and resources to further grow and sustain the company's overall group and Internet sales.

Homer Skelton Ford

High-Quality Opportunities + A Great Process = Phenomenal Sales

Homer Skelton Ford in Olive Branch, Mississippi is a leading franchise dealership serving customers in northwest Mississippi, southwest Tennessee, and eastern Arkansas. Brian Chapman is the dealership's General Manager and Vice President.

Today, this progressive dealership implements Bradley on Demand training and Dealer Synergy processes to enhance both Internet and showroom sales, as well as a forensic audit of its CRM system to continually communicate with customers in the right cadence, and with the right messaging, for maximum success.

Homer Skelton's Internet department also increased its customer engagement opportunities by purchasing AutoWeb's high-quality, high-volume leads with amazing results.

  • Historically, Homer Skelton Ford averaged 62 monthly Internet sales. Now, its highest Internet sales month has grown to 118 units - an increase of 90%.
  • Today, the dealership averages 87 monthly Internet sales, an increase of 40%.
  • In August 2020 alone, set appointments that grew to nearly 40% and shows increased to over 50%.

Homer Skelton Ford has long been a forward-thinking dealership. Mr. Chapman understands how to gain a competitive advantage - even in the most challenging times. In the wake of COVID-19, Homer Skelton Ford increased Internet sales 90% simply by integrating AutoWeb leads with the Dealer Synergy process.

Changing Times Call for Better Business

Twenty-five years ago, AutoWeb (formerly Autobytel) invented automotive Internet leads. Since that time, it has delivered millions of quality customer opportunities and website visitors to OEMs and dealer partners each year, while facilitating millions and millions of car sales in the process.

AutoWeb is unparalleled at sending in-market consumers to dealers at volume, and with ever-increasing quality, to move the sales needle. The company has earned a 16-22% buy rate* based on its longstanding expertise.

"Since we pioneered the automotive Internet back in 1995, AutoWeb has been successfully matching consumers with our partner dealers for an efficient and cost-effective buying process," said Cory Nacke, Sr. Director, Sales Effectiveness at AutoWeb. "Our team of experts is keenly focused on assisting our clients in growing their sales through our platform of industry-leading products. Despite the market shifts we have experienced during our long story, we have effectively pivoted to align our solutions and approach to the specific needs of our partners. We've delivered a solid track record of identifying and creating unique sales opportunities for dealers and OEMs, remaining and enduring constant during even the most volatile times."

Dealer Synergy, and its training program, Bradley on Demand, provides full scale dealer education in a variety of formats across all departments, including BDCs, showroom sales, service, reception, and F&I. The company specializes in conducting forensic audits for CRMs, process, lead source providers, and marketing.

"For decades, I've taught dealers that the Internet and phones are the new showroom," said Sean Bradley, President of Dealer Synergy. "In the wake of COVID-19, this has never been truer! Virtually everything we do today is online, which is exactly why every single car dealership should be harnessing the power of the Internet and optimizing its BDC."

Bradley says the best and most cost-effective ways to do this consist of our main objectives.

"Secure AutoWeb leads which are the best in the business, hire the right people, follow up the right way with each and every prospect, and set up your CRM properly. It's staggering to me that 90% of all CRMs are set up incorrectly, even today. Throughout our history, Dealer Synergy has helped 3,000 unique rooftops generate over $1B in additional revenue with our award-winning Internet sales, BDC, and CRM strategies - and we can help you, too!"

Accelerate from Good to Great with AutoWeb and Dealer Synergy

Our world has changed, the paradigm has shifted, and the automotive industry will never be the same - and that's a good thing! Internet and phones are the new showroom and dealerships can no longer afford to do business the way they did 20 years ago. In order for your dealership to accelerate from good to great, it's time to focus your time and resources on the right opportunities and process. The Platinum Group and Homer Skelton Ford are just two examples of how this synergistic approach helps dealers sell more cars, create deeper efficiencies, and improve customer service.

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*Estimated buy rates based on vehicle registration data and internal analysis for consumers who submitted leads through the AutoWeb network. Buy rates are calculated using a three-month rolling average of 90-day close rates.

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