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Consumers Drive Disruption in the Automotive Industry Featured News Consumers Drive Disruption in the Automotive Industry <p>No one doubts the auto industry is going through disruption right now. Existing industry leaders are busy repositioning themselves to fuel the changes that are evolving within the car buying experience. Speaking of repositioning, do you know what became of BackRub, Jerry&rsquo;s Guide to the World Wide Web, or Philip Morris? (The answers are at the end of the article).</p> <p>I recently attended the AUTOVATE conference hosted by Cliff Banks of <em>The Banks Report</em> in Austin, Texas that brought together industry leaders to discuss disruption in the automotive industry. We heard about the very progressive dealer in Manhattan</p> Read More 5/17/2018
The Year of the Conquest for Automotive Marketers The Year of the Conquest for Automotive Marketers
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Autobytel Dealer of the Year: Kyle Bolton, Director of Internet Sales for Newton Motor Group
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